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Hello there...

Everything I offer has a common root which wraps everything together, and that is what I call  WHOLENESS. 

Everything on this planet is at the same time an individual being and a part of a bigger "something" in such a perfect way that it is impossible to separate one from the other.

Every time we get entangled in the illusion of separation, that is when we experience some sort of imbalance, because we feel disconnected from Source. My purpose is to show you how to get back to being whole with the essence of who you really are so that you can live from your greatness. 

integral wholeness

Our experiences as an incarnated soul might be intense and even traumatic and most of the times they are to the eyes of a child. Every challenging experience might generate a dissociation from your true Self and create coping mechanisms which feed an imagery of an illusory self. Wholeness indicates a process which intends to lead you back to embrace your purpose aa a Soul. 

I like to call in the Energy I use in different categories simply because it springs out in the world in different ways and with different peculiarities.


A wide range of treatments which can soothe and release any kind of tension, stress.

A feeling of being restored, relaxed and replenished will fall upon you, more peace and mental clarity.


Voice works directly with your consciousness, and your mind . You can achieve immense benefits and possibly it will help you achieve more self confidence and power through guidance and intention.


The Sacred Sounds of OM (Aum) will literally shower you whole Body reaching every single cell, revitalizing and improving their communication. A unique relaxing inner journey.


Breath works with an immediate effect on your Nervous System, Cardio-vasculatory and Respiratory System. Also it is the perfect tool to use to be fully in the present moment.


I feel blessed to have had such an amazing journey, and I am grateful I have the chance to share my experience with you.

It all started around 20 years ago one morning as I started to download images in my mind's eye, just like you would receive an picture on your smartphone, and that really started to shake my whole being, my beliefs, my way of looking at life and of course myself.

It took me a while to fully accept what I was seeing as I was pretty scared at the beginning and I couldn't figure out what was it i was seeing as well as "why is this happening to me...?" I realized only a few years later that it was a necessity to go through that in order to start my path. Today I can say I have been smart enough to give them credit...

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