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This treatment is a proper energetic neuro bio reset, especially if it is repeated 3-4 times within a few days, as it leaves you in a very deep relaxed state.

I would suggest this one in case of severe fatigue or stressful moment, in case of insomnia, very intense nervous activity, in case of recovering from a hard moment, or in one of those moments when you want to be more in contact with your true self. Or simply to relax deeply and let go of some stuff.




the Source and

the Essence

The Spiritual Energy Chakra Ritual is an exceptional holistic treatment which brings immense benefits to the Energy System of the Body (Chakras) stimulating a very special Energy Frequency which has been described by Master S.V.Govindan as “Spiritual Energy”.

He dedicated the last 15 years of his life to the teaching of the ancient tradition of the (Ayurvedic) Wandering Sadhus,  and used to always initiate every course with this one treatment, pointing out that this was meant to be a “holistic remedy for humanity”. 

It is said that the Spiritual Energy Chakra Ritual allows a deeper harmonious relationship between the Body and the Cosmic Superconsciousness. 

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how it works

A “foot massage” is performed on the bottom of the feet on the reflexed points of each of the seven main Chakras using ghee butter with a peculiar circular movement. Meanwhile, the Therapist chants the Sacred Bija Mantras of every Chakra, and medicinal incense is burnt to purify the Ether and the Air: slowly the receiver fades into a state of deep relaxation which goes beyond sleep and physical tension release. 
Having been given this treatment for over 15 years in many different situations, I can say that receiving it is a real blessing for the Human System. The effect varies from one person to the other as the “Spiritual Energy” flows right there where the Body requires it, just like two magnets attracting each other. This deep relaxation is required to allow the Human System to start a natural regeneration process, balancing the endocrine system, which is directly related to the Chakras.