Oracle Guidance

 Oracle   guidance 

There are times in life when you feel the need to receive guidance. Although the truth is often invisible to the eyes, through intuition it is possible to receive energetic impressions that are transformed into words, painting a very precise picture. You receive very useful information through which you can achieve clarity before making any decision. 


"The essential is invisible to the eyes" 

Saint Exupery 

Ask and it is given

The consultation can help you see what the situation looks like in an energetic perspective in a new business you have thought of starting. Enquiring on the various aspects, I can help you see if the actions you have thought of doing will produce the results you believe or if there is something you might change. You can investigate personal relationships, love, family, friends,

I can help you evaluate which actions can be mostly beneficial on an energetic level.

With over 20 years of experience in this divination practice, I can say that the future is a process in the making: every thought, word and action we take at any given moment carries the potential to radically change our future. The responsibility of what we choose to believe lies with each individual person, this is the meaning of free will.

The future is now.

 What you get 

Every session is a unique experience. Usually, besides giving interesting deepenings on how the energy is processing, you will receive suggestions on which is the most auspicious of the choices you have available. This can turn out to be a valuable indication to achieve your desired outcome. Also there will be specific suggestions on what you might change or how to adapt to get where you want to get.

If you want to go deeper...


This is the structure of the session 

Once you have booked your consultation, you will receive an email with instructions. 

The session begins by choosing a rune, an ancient Celtic symbol that will inform you about the quality of the energies that are currently moving through your life. The rune symbol becomes your amulet and you can keep it with you for the following 3 weeks.


Immediately afterwards, cards are drawn that contain a written message. These indicate slightly more specific circumstances about the moment you are going through.


The third step is the one in which you can ask your questions and I will answer them through the ancient traditional tarot cards  set that we will choose together.


Through the session you will be able to gain clarity on the themes you choose and you will be able to identify which aspects of yourself you can work on, to more easily achieve your goals. In each instance these readings will increase your awareness bringing you more power and self confidence.