O R A C L E  G U I D A N C E

A sacred space to receive guidance through archetypal symbols, tarot cards, runes, and energetic channelling. 

 Ask your questions and almost immediately you will get clarity and  practical tools to navigate your everyday life.


There are moments in life when you feel the call to ask for guidance to achieve clarity on a situation in your life: you might feel stuck, uncertain, or sense a feeling of something being not quite right with someone, or maybe you are curious to find out more about someone you just met. You might need some ‘energetic’ coaching on a business you are doing, or need to take decisions about an investment. I can help you see things from a different perspective, sensing the energetic imprints connected to a specific situation, thus bringing light on how to make the best out of something.

It is fundamental that you ask questions. Declaring your intentionality is the first step towards you reclaiming your power back, getting ready to receive the answer from Source. 



The session is divided into 3 parts.


The first 2 are completely about you and what is moving around you, it will be all about tapping into your true nature, and supportive energies which you can rely on or reach out to. 


You will be given a Rune, an ancient druidic symbol, which you will have to draw and keep with you in the 3 following weeks as a talisman which will help you create the best conditions for your purpose.

For the 3rd part I will use an ancient Tarot deck: you will ask your questions and as I will display the cards on the table creating a sort of a mandala, we will understand much more on what is going on and why. what the priorities are and what is more auspicious for you to do. Sometimes you receive a confirmation on a sensation you already had, sometimes the cards show you what the best way for you is, according to those energetic vibrations that are lingering in the air.

Sometimes we can see things very clearly, some other times you will be suggested to engage in a certain inner attitude to better catalyse the frequency.