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ORACLE GUIDANCE: This is how the session looks like.

When we first connect, we will allow ourselves a few moments to “tune in”, exchange a few words, get comfortable and breath calmly. I would like you to have clear what is it that you want to ask. You see, asking is when you declare your intention which is a super powerful tool, a sort of leverage for the entire universe to answer back. You do not need to have many questions as the answers will lead you to clarify other things as well.

Also I do not need to know the story behind those questions.

Before you ask any question I will “take the pulse” of your energetic field as it appears in that moment, receiving first generic hints for you. You can receive a message that will highlight what is it that is colouring your world right now. Also I will pick up an ancient talisman for you which you might want to keep with you for a while, an ancient rune, a druidic symbol.

After this, you will start asking your questions.

At this point of the session I will be using some ancient tarot deck which I will choose in that moment, an ancient traditional Marseille full deck, and here we began our conversation. Usually a good session can have from 1 to 3 questions as it becomes dense and intriguing as we go ahead, but everything is in our hands so all sessions are different.

Thought the structure of the sessions remains very similar for everyone, the content is always very personal, as it takes you deep to the core of your beings. Spirit always wants you to understand deeply what and how and why certain things resonate with us, why we keep doing the things we do and what can we do to be deliberate creators. And this is the sense of receiving an oracle guidance with me, my purpose is to make you free and self sustainable, and whole and happy.

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