Sometimes we feel the call to ask for guidance. To open up and ask for help shows your vulnerability and your courage.

Love, business, family, friendship, career...

I am here to allow clarity and suggest the most auspicious way to handle things in a creative way.

Oracle Guidance 

There are moments when you feel the call to ask for guidance to achieve clarity on a situation in your life: you might feel stuck, uncertain, or sense a feeling of something being not quite right with a friend, or curious to find out more about someone you just met. You might need some ‘energetic’ coaching on a business you are doing, or undecided about an investment. You need some help on where to focus to make that new career blooming. 

When you have a question that needs an answer, I can help. 

I create a sacred space even before we connect online, calling on to the highest beings to help us during our ritual.

My job is to hold the space for you to declare your questions and channel the answers which will arrive in details, clearing up doubts and space, creating room for light and awareness to take the place of uncertainty and darkness.

How this works

With a 2 decades history in working with ancestral archetypes, I will use various divination tools to interpret the signs that Spirit will offer you through an immediate listening or visualising the energy waves flowing as we interact. 

Ancient runes will open the session describing how your inner landscape and current situation look like. The same rune you will later receive for you to use it as a talisman for a few weeks in your daily life. 

Soon after I pick oracle cards which have a wide yet more specific message for you, and we will discuss how that particular meaning impacts your everyday life.

The third step is you asking questions and me using ancient Tarot cards to do this most interesting part of the session.

What you get

Using these ancient archetypes we will draw information from   Source, creating a sort of mapping, understanding the causes, the effects and what would be more auspicious and practical for you to focus on to obtain a desired outcome. 

Moving from a connected heart-space I am able to sense energetic imprints which I then directly expose to you, enriching your experience with tools that you are able to use for your highest good and evolution: you might broaden your perception, release old patterns and create  confidence while doing your choices.