If you are in Ibiza or planning a trip over our magic island, you can consider practicing yoga with me. Typically I run some weekly group classes on a regular basis or you can book private sessions in your home or hotel for you alone and for your loved ones. I am a certified 500 hrs International Yoga Alliance Trainer and create classes according to you own special needs. My own way of teaching yoga is one that is always supporting you and your choices, teaching you how to best save your energy and have fun doing it. 

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Vinyasa is a "warm" type of practice where poses are linked through a connecting sequence called "vinyasa". A dynamic workout which tones up muscles and improves focus through movement.

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This practice combines short flows which involve muscular work during the first part of the class and a more relaxed paste for the second part which concentrates on stretching and elongating to achieve flexibility.

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Yin yoga  starts a regenerative process in your body while relaxing the nervous system. None or very little muscular effort is required for this practice which will challenge you to be still.

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Just a short notice to let you know that every class will be shaped around the specific needs of the participants and your body condition, no matter which style you choose. 

Breath work, focus and short moments of meditation are integral part of the practice at all times. 

Yoga is a human science which has the goal to help you live longer and better and results are achieved through a regular and extended practice. Nevertheless a few classes can bring considerable benefits.