My purpose is to share with you what I have learnt in over 15 years of self practice and continuous study, finding the best way for your unique body and attitude to best practice and have benefits... Yoga is my healing, my friend, my family and my challenge. My own way of teaching yoga is one that is always supporting you and your choices, teaching you how to best save your energy and have fun doing it. 


Vinyasa is a "warm" type of practice where a flow os poses is linked through a connecting sequence called "vinyasa". The best chance to explore poses and transitions.


A personal style which combines a Hatha flow and a more Yin cooling dow tyoe of practice. A good chance to dive inside and stretch and elongate. 

Yin Yoga

A "cold" type of practice where we trigger the Yin tissues of the body and the fascia, releasing, letting go and practicing allowing the body to take care of itself.